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Your Hometown Shopper - Now Offering LIVEAds!

You've known us for many years as the go-to publication for your direct mail needs. 

Now, Your Hometown Shopper invites your business to be a part of our LIVEAds program! For those businesses who place ads with us, with offer a very reasonable value ad in a video accessed by a QRCode on your ad. Once the user scans the QRCode, they will be forwarded to your video and you'll begin to see the additional impact of your  advertising! Contact us today at 248.923.2100 or click FIND OUT MORE below.


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Targeted Advertising

We are a weekly direct mailed product that covers all homes around your business.  We target your market.

Creative Experts

We specialize in creating your advertisement to push response to the item or product that you are selling.

Competitive Pricing

Hometown Shopper is priced affordably. We can fit into anyone's  budget.

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We can advertise your business any way you need, 

within your budget.


Direct Mail

You will see that we are the best at providing strategic, 

high-quality, and responsive direct mail print.


Traditional Print

If you need anything printed  any size from business cards to portfolios,  please check with us first.  We can save you money